We offer legal servcies of high quality, and value personal service and efficiency. Our goal is to solve your case on the lowest level of conflict possible.

Our law firm offers competitive prices on legal services. Guiding hourly rates varies from 1500 – 3000 NOK, not including value- added tax (mva), depending on the individual case and required legal services.

All the lawyers in our firm  are members of the Norwegian Bar Association. The Norwegian Bar Association is the professional body and interest group for lawyers (advokater) and trainee lawyers (advokatfullmektiger) in Norway. Together with its members and elected officers, the Bar Association endeavours to ensure that Norwegian lawyers meet high professional and ethical standards and enjoy good framework conditions. For more information, please visit their website.

Our lawyers are specialized and highly qualified within our legal fields, and are experienced with cases involving litigations for the Courts. We mainly specialize in Employment Law, Real estate and Property Law, Inheritance Law, Marriage and «common- law» marriage Law, and Contract Law.

We also offer legal services within other areas, such as Education Law.

About Raugland Advokatene

The Law Firm «Raugland Advokatene» was founded in 1992. The firm has since then assisted numerous clients, both private customers and companies. Because of our experience and expertice within our fields, we can offer you high quality legal services.

Raugland Advokatene has a long term consultant-client relationship with The Union of Education (Utdanningsforbundet) in Norway. The union is a dominant union for the education sector and is at present the country’s second largest trade union. The union represent talented and conscientious professionals with teaching and academic qualifications within the entire Norwegian educational system, and has more than 160 000 members.

Our lawyers regularly write legal articles, such as the journal for The Union of Educators Utdanning.
We contribute as writers in the legal Database Rettsdata. Rettsdata is one of Norway’s largest legal databases.

We offer legal services for clients abroad. In addition to private customers and businesses, we have experience with representation for Worker’s Unions and International opposition movements.

Lawyer, CEO and founder of the company, Vidar Raugland, has experience as an elected officer of the Norwegian Bar Association, where he has been the leader of several Legal Rights and Rule of Law Projects in Asia, Africa and Central America.

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Employment Law

Real Estate and Property Law

Inheritance Law, Family Law and Common Law Marriage

Contract Law

Administrative Law

Education Law

Human Rights Law

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